Becoming a certified driving instructor is something many people want to do, either for their love of driving and desire to educate the younger generations or for the potential it gives for earning extra income or becoming the main source of income in some cases.

In an economy like today’s, every little bit counts and getting certified as a driving instructor could potentially earn you more than just a little as there are new kids who need to learn how to drive every year and the lessons can be charged quite reasonably.

So, if you are one of those people who are wondering if they could become certified driving instructors, we have decided to give you a quick rundown of what it takes to become one, what kind of process is required and what it will give you in the end.

The Training Courses

The legal requirements for becoming a certified driving instructor in the UK are relatively simple. You will need to own a driving license for a minimum of 4 years before you can apply. If you have 6 or more points on your driving license, you may not be accepted by the authorities. Additionally you will need to have no criminal history, making you a fit person for educating youth. Finally, you will need to pass the examination for driving instructors and register with the DSA before you can start working.

Once you are able to apply, you will need to undergo a training course. Just like back when you were learning to drive, this course will teach you how to be an instructor, which is much different to just driving a car in general. Remember, being an instructor is a much bigger responsibility as in many ways you will be holding young lives in your hands, so it is important to be fully prepared.

The training courses are done by private companies, but within a legal frame provided by the UK government. You will need to undertake a series of tests including vision tests and physical examinations and pass all the checks before you can finally become a certified instructor and once all the tests are passed, you will register with the Driving Standards Agency. You will then be able to start charging for classes.

How Much Can I Make?

For many people, driving instructions are a way to earn an extra income and a solid one at that, but for some they are the only or main source of cash. Driving instructions in the UK are paid quite well and there is no reason you should not be able to make an equivalent of a salary you would be making working a different job.

When it comes to setting the price, it’s a free market out there, and you can set your own, but remember that competition is usually fierce so it is important to set a fee that both pays for your time and attracts new students. After all, a teacher without students is not much of a teacher.

More importantly than just the money itself, being a driving instructor will give you a lot of liberty. As you will make appointments with your students, you will be able to make your own schedule and in doing so you will realize that you have a lot more free time than you used to.

If you are doing this as a part-time gig, the money will augment your main income perfectly, and since you can make your own hours, the scheduling should not be too big of an issue either.

A UK driving instructor could easily be netting 30.000 Pounds a year from this job alone.


Becoming a driving instructors is one of the best and simplest ways of getting a license that can help you make extra income or allow you to quit your job altogether and focus on teaching. Especially for people who consider educating others a personal challenge and something they love, being a driving instructor will be a great experience.

While the license is not given out to just anyone, as long as you are clean of any criminal past and a good driver, you should be able to pass the tests and receive a certificate. Once you do, the job will pay very decent, but it is important to remember that this job does incur many additional costs such as fuel and car amortization, which will reduce your hourly rate in the long run, so make your calculations carefully.